Desire Achieved In Community

What do you desire, crave to see happen in your life or the world?

Many folks give up on their good idea, many fail just before their idea could become successful!

Desire Covet Crave Indulge

“I don’t know what to do, I don’t see how any of this can help me because it is a rigid technique and I don’t think any crystallized technique will benefit me or my organization.”

Of course it depends on what you want to achieve!

What do you really itch for? You have a desire to be part of a group and share your ideas, products or your enterprise and services gaining knowledge and support. You want some help to begin or enhance your experience gaining reach. You want to demonstrate your unique offering and support other great initiatives you love.


We can help!

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808 Stalking Horse RFPs

808 Land Co. Ltd.

808 Land Co. Ltd. has the capability to deliver a project with an accelerated critical path by structuring the proposal under a Stalking Horse Agreement (SHA).

Assuring the procurement process integrity in any commercial transaction is imperative. Initiated by inviting 808’s Consortium of senior best-of-class professionals working in the legal, finance, design, development, construction and maintenance industries. Delivering informed innovation and market sensitive decision making can assist any commercial infrastructure activities. Integrating development activities with-in our stakeholder cooperative leads to increased efficiency through compatibility.

The Stalking Horse bid concept poses an opportunity to have both market sensitive decision making and procurement integrity. Assuring the use of this concept will sustain both of the above objectives, acceptance that procurement integrity is informed by two central factors: transparency and competition. Any significant commercial project advances by enterprise that avoids, or is seen to have avoided, those two factors will likely encounter some problems.

By using a 808 Land Co. Ltd. Stalking Horse methodology, the project receives maximum potential innovation from the private sector on a sole sourced basis, but retains unto itself a method to assure a transparent and competitive process for selecting the successful bidder.

The Consortium approach to enterprise focuses on being highly responsive, well-connected and out-in-front of key issues. It also means that we are selective about the clients with whom we work. We focus our energy on progressive clients who value excellence-in-service and see the benefits of a long-term partnering relationship.

Community Infrastructure Projects Improvement Fund

Matrixz Consortium has monies for Communities who need infrastructure or want to complete an existing project. The consortium goal is to improve arts and civic spaces while supplying vital services affecting quality of living.

Do it Right and Community Happens!

Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives or Multi-Coops

Multiple Stakeholder Cooperative; Multi Co-op; Multi-coop; A group or matrix of several different separate enterprises joined in collaboration to complete its mutual purpose, to the benefit and consent of its public.

Matrix Communal Multi-Coops

Many different types of private stakeholder Groups exist for many particular purposes. Stakeholder groups with many genres of industry specific or wider-reaching general services disciplines and goals. Often different stakeholder/shareholder groups form joint partnerships to complete projects and enterprise with-in multi-stakeholder cooperatives (multi-coops).

When communities need mass public infrastructure the best way to secure it is with-in the matrix of a multi-coop. Multi-coops defer risk exposure away from the community and pool it squarely on the stakeholders who have the experience. Multi-coops save Communities time through the conjoint pooled procedural know-how of the general managing partners. Multi-coops save communities money.

Matrix Consortium facilitation delivers your community a multi-cooperative, for the highest quality services and commissioned infrastructure guaranteed. Guaranteed because consortium financiers, designers, builders and maintenance contractors are united in the coop with you for the whole-term.

Matrix Communal Multi-Coops: Stakeholders Cooperatives;

  • Collaborative mutual growth with independent companies, concerted in common under universal best practices and standards.
  • United synergistic promotion of ethical and social initiatives fostering conjunct local developments.

Do it Right and Community Happens!

Risk Aversion Matrix

Communities should never have to absorb risk, we can help with Matrix Consortium Risk Aversion Metrics facilitated in an arbitrage-free Stakeholders Cooperative.

Avoid risks, save your time and save your money, take the hand of experienced facilitators to guide you. Long-standing, award-winning facilitators and companies working with your community to keep you ahead. Adding to the overall equilibrium of the project and the community.

No risk acceptance, should be asked of the community that the suppliers you work with (Your Matrix) are not implicated in with you!

Build great infrastructure transferring risk to experienced facilitators and corporations that have never failed. Do it right and community happens!©

Avoid risk by co-factoring the elements that identify or determine the nature of Your Matrix ©, the consortium you work with, and all that fixes or conditions your outcome.

Winning the RFP Process!

How does a company win or participate in a Communities requests-for-proposals (RFP) process?

Matrix Consortium Community Support Services Group

Communities can achieve 100% of their must-haves from the RFP process. Most communities decide the RFP winner but give up a few of their must-haves and a portion of the community wish-list.

One must weight the community need with the supplier who comes the closest to the over-all scope of the community plan and budget. The winning bidder must have the communities confidence that they are big enough or lateral enough to get the job done.

The RFP process as it has been used often leaves a community over-budget and holding-the-bag on expensive financing, service and maintenance costs.

Matrix Consortium facilitation, helping communities and companies plan and communicate their proposal. Save time and capital while reducing risk.

Matrix Consortium© facilitators can advise and finance private or public projects.


News Wire (EMD); Matrix Consortium; P3 Canada; Questions and Answers; FAQ

News Wire (EMD); Matrix Consortium; P3 Canada; Questions and Answers; Q5. What are the benefits of public-private partnerships? A. They offer three major benefits: cost-savings, time-savings and they transfer much of the financial risks associated with public infrastructure away from the taxpayer.

From the P3 Canada Web Site;

The Government of Canada is committed to supporting the adoption of P3 procurement where they can deliver better value for money than traditional procurement.

P3s deliver value by:

  • Ensuring on-budget, on-time delivery of public infrastructure by leveraging the expertise and innovation of the private sector;
  • Guaranteeing greater accountability and high performance standards by the private sector, who take on the responsibility for any cost overruns, delays or performance issues over the assets life;
  • Reducing public sector risks by transferring to the private partner those risks that can be better managed by the private partner; and
  • Allowing governments to deliver capital projects faster, making use of the private partner’s increased flexibility, innovation and access to resources.
  • Read more…

See What the Canadian Government and Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper really are doing to help Communities get greater value for money, today.

Contact: Matrix Consortium Community Support Services Group today with questions.

Funding P3 – public or private partnerships
We provide all the funds necessary for your viable partnership or project metric.

P3 models retain value as the superior matrix for the procurement of public infrastructure.