Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives or Multi-Coops

Multiple Stakeholder Cooperative; Multi Co-op; Multi-coop; A group or matrix of several different separate enterprises joined in collaboration to complete its mutual purpose, to the benefit and consent of its public.

Matrix Communal Multi-Coops

Many different types of private stakeholder Groups exist for many particular purposes. Stakeholder groups with many genres of industry specific or wider-reaching general services disciplines and goals. Often different stakeholder/shareholder groups form joint partnerships to complete projects and enterprise with-in multi-stakeholder cooperatives (multi-coops).

When communities need mass public infrastructure the best way to secure it is with-in the matrix of a multi-coop. Multi-coops defer risk exposure away from the community and pool it squarely on the stakeholders who have the experience. Multi-coops save Communities time through the conjoint pooled procedural know-how of the general managing partners. Multi-coops save communities money.

Matrix Consortium facilitation delivers your community a multi-cooperative, for the highest quality services and commissioned infrastructure guaranteed. Guaranteed because consortium financiers, designers, builders and maintenance contractors are united in the coop with you for the whole-term.

Matrix Communal Multi-Coops: Stakeholders Cooperatives;

  • Collaborative mutual growth with independent companies, concerted in common under universal best practices and standards.
  • United synergistic promotion of ethical and social initiatives fostering conjunct local developments.

Do it Right and Community Happens!

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