The Titan Entertainment Group Inc.

The Titan Entertainment Group Inc.

The Titan Entertainment Group Inc. (Titan); Matrixz Consortium Community Support Services Group, (Matrixz Consortium) is helping Titan locate in their premier locations at this time. Titan Group is opening state-of-the-art Entertainment Complexes in three locations.

The Company’s business concept is to develop and manage mid-sized multipurpose flex complexes, with 4,500-10,000 seat capacities. The venues will offer live music, theatre performances, mixed arts and entertainment, conferences, trade shows, conventions and any other event related possibilities. The public and the artists will be treated to outstanding facilities and services.

  • The Calgary Concept (Private JVA)
  • The Vancouver Concept(P3)
  • The Edmonton Concept (Private JVA)
  • The Toronto Concept (P3)
  • The facilitators
  • The Partners;
  • Suppliers;
    1. Artec Consultants Inc. ;

Artec Consultants Inc are the global leaders in the design and planning of innovative performing arts facilities. Founded in 1970, they provide specialized consulting services for facilities of all types from opera houses, concert halls, and multipurpose theatres, to open air venues and historic renovations.

Artec applies a unique interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach that allows them to provide their clients with harmonious design solutions appropriate for the resources available for each project. Artecs’ ability to develop ideas and resolve issues in a coordinated and fully collaborative manner is a prime reason that Artec has led the field with the highest quality results and many innovations for over 40 years.

    1. Aedas Architecture ;

Andrew Bromberg
Executive Director
B.Env. Design (Special Honors), M Arch (Honors)

Andrew is recognized for pushing the boundaries of architectural convention. Underpinning this pursuit is his passion toward increasing awareness of the built environment through discovery and exploration. With projects being realized globally, his designs have been highly publicized as well as receiving numerous international design awards. Andrew strives for his work to be original and visionary yet responsive and sensitive to the constraints which help shape the projects.

All of his designs are derived from the same hand but yet each of them is unique to themselves and to the world. The inspiration is balanced between humanistic influences of perception and culture, along with more contextual influences of location, climate and geography. With degrees in Architecture, Environmental Design as well as a minor in Cultural Geography, his education reflects these aspirations.


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The Titan Entertainment Group Inc. — 2 Comments

  1. With the far reaching in-depth knowledge that the Matrix Consortium brings to the table, it is in my opinion the most cost effective way to bring a project to fruition.
    The consortia partners have all the bases covered in that the companies involved from legal, to design, to project management, to financing to development are all available for consultation in one highly efficient P-3 package.
    Matrix Consortium is the next step in forward thinking city, county, regional, and private planners.

    Philip Marcus
    President,Founding Director
    The Titan Entertainment Group Inc.