The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

“It’s a small small world!” As companies organize in the global economy, we see all aspects of enterprise expanding their philosophy of business and their traditional geographic reach.

Ever evolving impaction on companies reporting their global and domestic financial positions.

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Foreign Companies Operating in Canada or the U.S.A.

The consortium experience matrix includes working with foreign subsidiaries of parent organizations and companies doing business in Canada and the USA, ask how we can help!

We provide these and other specialized services

Business Plan Generation, Development and Implementation Guidance
Business start-up services
Entity selection and enterprise structure issues
Financing Planning and/or Analysis
Strategic Analysis
Risk Aversion Matrices
Cost Segregation Studies
Financial Reporting
Development, Design, Implementation and Ongoing Consultation
Performance Measurement
Asset Purchase or Lease Analysis and/or Asset Sale Analysis
Incentive Compensation Planning
Financial statement preparation
Tax audit defense
Business Tax Planning including Multiple Jurisdiction Tax Planning
Outsourced stewardship of controllers, accountants and planners
Business Valuation
Merger/Acquisition assistance
Family and partnership succession planning

We assist North and South American Companies doing business abroad as well.

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NEWSWIRE; EMD ;; Matrix Consortium Community Support Services Group

Matrix Consortium©:(EMD);; NEWS WIRE; Dealer Agents ; Exempt Market Dealers ; Developers ; Communities; Investors: Through our low-cost Due-diligence; we catalog your community or corporate project portfolio and advise you on how to upgrade it to our standards. MaTRiX Z Consortium© techniques are supported by a detailed configuration of consultation and reporting which tracks exactly how each Long and Short term investment goal is performing. When a client is received, we analyze the project history metrics – we can get right to work on your future goals. In addition, we make use of a proprietary “procedural-knowledge base” of investment solutions that have affected other clients, in the past.

Only Senior Managers

MaTRiX-Z ; Matrix Consortium is a wide variety (matrix) of senior best-of-class professionals working in the legal, finance, design, development, construction and maintenance industries.

Only senior managers from our partner members serve on our steering committees and audit committees. This has the effect of lowering overall time and money spent up to the commissioning of the new project cooperative or partnership and its long term maintenance.

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Community Infrastructure through Public and Private Partnerships

Community and Private Infrastructure in a results oriented services consortium of the strongest corporations and consultancies.

The consortium provides innovative and high quality strategic, business and financial services in very close cooperation with your community or private company core team.

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Matrix Z Due Diligence

Whenever you are thinking of making a new investment, you should
first do some Due Diligence, research about the company, the community
and the investment. A good place to start is the investment prospectus
available through your broker or agent. The prospectus or OM is a document
describing an investment opportunity offered for sale. It usually contains
a short statement of the objective of the project, the company or cooperative
mutual fund. It also contains a financial statement of metrics showing assets and
liability, performance over a number of years, and any fees the investor must pay.
Remember though that past performance is not a guarantee of future success.


Matrix Z Due Diligence

Do it right and community happens!©

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