Embedding Projects with Gain through Procedural Knowledge©™

You have a unique solution for your unique project matrix! Matrixz.comMatrix Consortium offers consultation and reporting with ongoing support services for your public or private stakeholders group and your cooperative partnership bid. (100% refundable on commissioning)

You have a unique solution for your unique project matrix!

You need a partner who understands the specific challenges you face and while delivering increased operational efficiencies and improved profitability.


  • Award winning support standards and services excellence through Matrix Consortium facilitation and your corporate or community project core lead team.

  • We use our consortium monies and leverage while strategically applying entitlement monies the project or community has committed.

  • You have a want or a need! Matrix Consortium guides your core team from planning to successful completion.

  • Use all or part of our services to guide, design, finance, build, audit, operate and maintain your community P3 or corporate project.


Matrix Consortium value proposition is maximized project efficiency through experienced facilitators.

Infrastructure projects procured through public private partnerships can mitigate risk and make money, if done our way.  Additionally financing should always be at province, state or government authority bond rate, unchanging for up to 30 years and term guaranteed.

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