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News Wire (EMD); Matrix Consortium; P3 Canada; Questions and Answers; Q5. What are the benefits of public-private partnerships? A. They offer three major benefits: cost-savings, time-savings and they transfer much of the financial risks associated with public infrastructure away from the taxpayer.

From the P3 Canada Web Site;

The Government of Canada is committed to supporting the adoption of P3 procurement where they can deliver better value for money than traditional procurement.

P3s deliver value by:

  • Ensuring on-budget, on-time delivery of public infrastructure by leveraging the expertise and innovation of the private sector;
  • Guaranteeing greater accountability and high performance standards by the private sector, who take on the responsibility for any cost overruns, delays or performance issues over the assets life;
  • Reducing public sector risks by transferring to the private partner those risks that can be better managed by the private partner; and
  • Allowing governments to deliver capital projects faster, making use of the private partner’s increased flexibility, innovation and access to resources.
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See What the Canadian Government and Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper really are doing to help Communities get greater value for money, today.

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Funding P3 – public or private partnerships
We provide all the funds necessary for your viable partnership or project metric.

P3 models retain value as the superior matrix for the procurement of public infrastructure.

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