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Matrix Consortium ©

Matrix Consortium is a wide variety(matrix) of senior best-of-class professionals working in the legal, finance, design, development, construction and maintenance industries.

Embedding Projects with Gain through Procedural Knowledge ©

Funding P3 – public private partnership
We provide all the funds necessary for your viable partnership project metric.

Funding Private – joint-venture and stake-holder cooperative
We provide up to 80% of the funds necessary for your venture.

P3 matrix
There are rules which if followed make the P3 pay in year one operations!

Finance metrics
The rules. contact us for an opinion, 100% refundable retainer upon commissioning of your plan or project.

Unprecedented Excellency in Delivery of Public Infrastructure at no-cost through our Availability-Payments-Plan options.

We bundle old debt at today’s authority bond rate and hold off-balance-sheet financing for new infrastructure projects.

The Consortium approach to enterprise focuses on being highly responsive, well-connected and out-in-front of key issues. It also means that we are selective about the clients with whom we work. We focus our energy on progressive clients who value excellence-in-service and see the benefits of a long-term partnering relationship.

M. Shane David

Matrixz Consortium Community Support Services Group

President and CFO

M. Shane David founder and Chairman, specializes in strategic business planning, marketing research and product/service development. Mr. David has unparalleled experience and procedural knowledge in entertainment and hospitality services. Shane brings to the table 30 years expertise in business and financial review, briefs and executive summaries, business plans and financial models as well as financing and investment proposals; with operational, leadership, resource network and management optimization experience. A capable professional facilitator and liaison with cultured vision and values.

Phone: 403-245-3306
Cell: 403-630-0371
Email: info @ matrixz.com

Your Matrix, the consortia of relations completing your enterprise,
a value associated with your gain. ©

Ma’trix z © (ma’triks; mat’riks; ma’trix), n.; pl.
MATRICES (ma’tric-sez; mat’ri-; rarely, ma’-tri’sez);
MATRIX-Z™ (ma trik-z; -siz; mat’rik-).[L] A place or
enveloping element within which something originates,
takes form or develops. The natural material in which
any metal, fossil, pebble, crystal, or gem-stone is embedded.
That which gives form, origin, or foundation to something
enclosed or embedded in it. MATRiXZ™



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