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Matrix Consortium value proposition is maximized project efficiency through experienced facilitators.

Matrix Consortium© offers community and developer a Private, Public, Cooperative Partnership or Public Private Partnership (P3) in consortia with facilitators. Facilitators working with significant companies that have operated in Canada for several decades. The facilitators are an interdisciplinary group with expertise in P3s, planning, urban and building design, engineering, legal, finance metrics, accounting, construction, risk aversion, redevelopment, maintenance, public consultations and communications. Combined, the team brings significant international experience in all of these areas. The range of experience includes both private and public clients for many diverse projects.


  • Strategic advisory to investors, communities, entrepreneurs, corporations and management
  • Valuation of community and private projects, JVA companies and their transactions; benchmarking reports
  • Design and implementation of strategies, action plans and organizational structures
  • Bonding and Financing Matrices
  • Project Management through the partner groups and facilitators; controller services, cost allocation/segregation analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, sale of companies, succession issues, spin-offs, Stalking horse offers and bids.
  • Post transaction integration, Succession/transition planning
  • Risk aversion, Tax strategy metrics for federal and provincial or state planning
  • Peer to peer reporting on any or all metrics of your business; accounting, distribution, etc.
  • Audited, reviewed and compiled financial statements; overhead analysis and budgeting
  • Multi-State/Province tax consulting

Cofactor the elements that identify or determine the nature of your matrix, the consortium you work with, and all that fixes or conditions your outcome.

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