Solar Wind Depot Ltd.

Solar Wind Depot Ltd.
Solar Wind Depot Ltd. (SWD);; Matrix Consortium Support Services Group, (Matrix Consortium) proposes development of a state-of-the-art solar power plant complex to be built in The Philippines this year.

Matrix Consortium has requested that the government would either enter into a joint venture or a stakeholder’s cooperative to accomplish this development utilizing a P3 model for financing.
We had previously discussed having the new Power Plant co-located within the community, or built adjacent to it. The Country also has the requirement for infrastructure, a new reservoir, community conference-cultural centre, as well as land costs, deep servicing, or any other needed capital could be tiered in the same project.

Matrix Consortium are P3 facilitators with access to funding (if secured by a level of local government through a number of different instruments) at Philippines bond rate, at fixed interest, for up to 30 years.

News Wire: (EMD); Matrix Consortium; Philippines; City Government would consider the proposal of the Matrix Consortium Community Support Services Group for a solar energy project.